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Cleaning Refrigerator

Cleaning Refrigerator

Keep your home clean, healthy and safe for yourself and for your family. Cleaning fridge is extremely important and dreaded task. At excel cleaning today we will discuss how often does it require cleaning and the steps to clean fridge to meet healthy standards. Spot clean as needed and deep clean should be done after every three to four months.
Best thing is to give a consistent clean every day to prevent any kind of cross contamination especially if baby’s food is stored in fridge.
Give it a deep clean after you put all your food in a safe place every 3 to 4 months and remove all the shelves and drawers and give a good deep wash.

Daily Cleaning
• Get rid of any spoiled items.
• Make sure there are no spills in fridge. Wipe any kind of spills with clean cloth and use only food safe spray.
• Make sure all jars, lids and other items going into fridge are clean. Never put raw meat in the fridge without sealable storage bags or container.

Weekly Cleaning
• Spray wipe the exterior of fridge: door, handles, and sides if possible.
• Wipe all the trays, shelves and drawers before you store weekly groceries after shopping.
• If fridge smells funny at any point, please organize your time for a deep clean.
Deep clean/ Seasonally Cleaning
• Check expiry dates or Best Before date of items and discard if you find any.
• Store other items in a cooler.
• Remove all shelves and drawers and wipe all interior and exterior of the fridge. Wash all the shelves and drawers with dishwashing liquid and warm water.
• Clean all the seals, corners and door handle very thoroughly.
• Use a clean dry cloth to wipe everything inside and outside, dry everything and reassemble it back into the fridge.
• Change the water filters as required: Please check the manufacturer manuals for details regarding filters.
• At least after every 6 months clean underneath the fridge as well. Floors generally gets very greasy and dirty underneath the fridge.
• Place and rotate all the fresh food in the fridge and wipe before you rearrange all the condiments.

If you have a busy schedule give Excel Cleaning a call on 0800 392 352 or contact us on and we can help cleaning your entire home or particular areas either way. We will tailor a service to fit your needs and budget.

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