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Our Builder’s Clean Service specializes in providing post construction clean-up in Tauranga. If you are a builder or architect and need a post construction clean after a major project with saw dust everywhere then our builders clean is perfect for you.

Our Cleaning services cover new and renovated residential and commercial projects. As every project is different, so our cleaning services are custom-tailored to your needs and timelines.

Don’t Do It Yourself

The Post Construction Cleaning can arise health risks especially to someone who suffers from asthma or any other respiratory allergies. Builder’s dust majorly contains wood and crystalline silica dust which accumulate everywhere and is very dangerous when inhaled and can even cause quick illness.

Let us take the responsibility of such job and even you can also use our other services at like Carpet Cleaning, Hard Floor Care, Window Cleaning and Exterior Washing at a reasonable price if required.

How Our Builder’s Clean Service Works

Step 1: We will visit your Site to have an understanding of your cleaning requirements.

Step 2:  Based on your description, we will prepare proposal with an estimation of the cost and the time.

Our general Post-Construction Clean includes

Fully Renovated/ Newly Built Unfurnished Property

  • Surfaces: doors, skirting boards, banisters, window sills.
  • Spot cleaning and builders dust removal from walls and ceiling
  • Removal of plaster or paint from light switches, sockets and kitchen & bathroom fittings.
  • Windows: Cleaning from inside
  • Floors: vacuum and moping

Fully Renovated Furnished Property

  • All the above will be carefully addressed
  • Dusting and wiping cupboards, benchtops, drawers, cabinets, etc.
  • Polish mirrors and glass
  • Vacuum carpet and upholstery
  • Electrical appliances: sanitise from outside

Partially Renovated Furnished/ Unfurnished Property

  • Spot cleaning of areas used by builders.
  • Detail cleaning of renovated rooms.
  • Furniture and specific items will be cleaned

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Environmental Friendly

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