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How to Clean Your New House before you Move IN / Move Out?

Some Simple Tips:

Most importantly always start deep cleaning from Kitchen and move towards the Dining area, Bathrooms, Rooms and Floors.

Pull appliances away from the wall and clean areas under and behind them. Clean Fridge, all Kitchen Cabinets and counters with a mixture of water, baking soda and dishwashing liquid,  besides that use oven cleaner, if needed for the oven and scrub stovetop and Hood.
Use diluted chlorine-free bleach to clean the sink, pour baking soda and water into the drain to get rid of any odour.

Scrub all the surfaces and fixtures with disinfectant or if possible use eucalyptus oil because it is the best deodorizer, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  Clean thoroughly behind the toilet seat, basin and shower recess, etc.

Wipe all the walls, light fittings, doors, all shelving, switch boards and skirt boards. Warm water with a little amount of vinegar and baking soda will work nicely to clean all such surfaces.

If you have the right equipment then you may do it yourself. Otherwise, we recommend a professional for high windows rather than you climb yourself on a ladder. Call 0800 392 352 for services in New Zealand.

CONTACT US at or hire a professional who has the proper equipment to Clean Carpets or other Hard Floors properly to protect against all bugs to give a Clean, Healthy and Fresh look.