Intensive Deep Cleaning

Intensive cleaning is carried out as an intermediate routine cleaning to restore a worn (partially or over the entire area) protective layer of the floor covering or to clean up post-construction contamination as part of post-construction cleaning.

Step 1: Preparatory work

If possible, clear the room of furniture. Sweep or wipe the floor with a damp cloth to pick up loose debris.

Step 2: Preparation of the working solution, dosing

First we pour water into the bucket, cold water is a must! Then add the cleaning agent according to the instructions on the label.

Step 3: Mechanical surface treatment

We treat the floor with a single-disc machine with the appropriate pad, moving it in parallel “tracks” with some overlap and regularly feeding the solution from the tank. Soiled pads are turned over or replaced with new ones. Large areas are treated with scrubbing machines.

Step 4: Manual treatment

Floor areas inaccessible to the machine (corners, recesses, edges) are treated manually using a hand pad. Special scrapers or trowels are used to remove localized dirt.

Our cleaners always follow the application and safety instructions, the coating manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance, as well as the “Operation of the machines and equipment used” manual.

Step 5: Collect the dirty mortar

Quickly collect the dirty mortar by using a squeegee and water pump. A water pump is mandatory for collecting water from porous, highly absorbent or structured floors. Do not allow the mortar to dry out!

Step 6: One-step cleaning process

Mop the floor with clean water, rinsing the mop constantly.

Step 7: Cleaning equipment and tools

When finished, wipe down the single-disc machine and water pump with a damp sanitizing wipe. The water pump tank and pails are rinsed with clean water and treated with a cloth inside and out. Wind up the electric cables and pass them through a damp cloth for cleaning. At the same time check the cables for mechanical damage.