Cleaning of Apartments and Cottages: When Time is of the Essence!

Cleaning an apartment quickly becomes an annoying chore, and most people would gladly put it on someone else’s shoulders. The problem is even more acute for the happy owners of cottages: as the living space expands, the size of the area to put things in order also increases. The optimal solution may be the so-called professional cleaning.

Cleaning cleaning of apartments is a service that allows not only to clean and tidy your home, but also to do it with the use of modern professional cleaning products, equipment and tools. This type of service is gradually gaining popularity and is actively developing in large cities.

Indispensable helpers in matters of cleanliness

High-quality cleaning of an apartment, house, cottage is periodically required by everyone. At the same time, situations when you are busy or do not find the energy for cleaning, and it is necessary, are quite often. Involvement of a cleaning company allows you to solve seemingly impossible tasks easily, quickly and qualitatively.

It makes sense to contact a cleaning company if you are expected to have:

  • arrival of relatives;
  • family holiday, anniversary, dinner party;
  • discharge of a young mother and child from the hospital;
  • completion of renovation;
  • renting an apartment or moving into a rented apartment.

You may also have a sudden need for such individual urgent works as:

  • carpet and upholstered furniture cleaning;
  • window cleaning;
  • garbage removal;
  • cleaning of floor coverings.

With the modern rhythm of life to carve out time for such needs is becoming increasingly difficult, in addition, not everyone enjoys cleaning – for most people it is a forced duty, which they do something. Many people can not do cleaning for health reasons: asthma, osteochondrosis, vegetovascular dystonia, unfortunately, are not so rare companions of the inhabitants of the metropolis. In homes where there are children, the need for cleanliness is especially high, and there are fewer opportunities to engage in cleaning. That is why customers who use the services of cleaning companies for the first time, are pleasantly surprised by the result and subsequently try to shift the problems of cleaning on the shoulders of professionals. Besides, today it is not difficult to find a professional team. Thus, in New Zealand there are about fifty companies offering different types of cleaning works – from washing windows in apartments to professional cleaning of cottages.

Types of one-off cleaning jobs

It is worth thinking about what is included in the cleaning of an apartment, as it becomes clear: there is a lot of work and it is very diverse. Cleaning companies are ready to solve the following problems for their clients.

General cleaning of an apartment or cottage

Even if you are characterized by neatness and you have regular household helpers, general cleaning at least twice a year is necessary for any dwelling. In normal conditions, it can stretch for more than one day, practically paralyzing your life. Let’s determine what kind of work you will have to do:

  • Wipe dust off door units, light fixtures, appliances, interior and exterior furniture surfaces.
  • Wash mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • Vacuum floors and upholstered furniture.
  • Wash floors and skirting boards, radiators and heating pipes.
  • Remove dirt from walls, ceiling, air conditioners, cornices.
  • Wash windows and window sills.
  • Remove trash, wash trash cans and trash storage areas.
  • Clean and sanitize plumbing fixtures.
  • Clean the stove, oven, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.
  • Clean kitchen work surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink.
  • Wash and sanitize all surfaces in the bathroom.

Each item on this solid list suggests that comprehensive cleaning of the apartment requires substantial effort and a wide variety of cleaning products.

Carpet and furniture cleaning

Carpets and furniture may require both simple cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and chemical cleaning with elements of beating out with special turbo brushes. Ordinary household vacuum cleaners successfully cope with routine minor cleaning, but once or twice a year soft surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly. This will solve not only the problem of dirt and dustiness, but also get rid of dust mites. Inviting specialists, you can be sure that your carpets and furniture will be cleaned carefully and qualitatively, and there will be no unpleasant odors from chemicals in the house.

Window cleaning

Washing windows is a labor-intensive and sometimes dangerous job, especially when it comes to upper floors and high window openings. It may require not only quality detergents, but also stepladders and climbing equipment. It is more profitable to order window cleaning in the whole apartment or cottage at once.

Cleaning of floor coverings

Modern floor coverings are diverse in color, texture, cost and care, and it is important to treat them with care. Linoleum, laminate, natural parquet, hardwood flooring, stone and ceramic tiles – for each of these coverings there are the most effective and gentle means, which, if applied correctly, will not leave streaks and will make your floors shine clean.

Cost of services

The price of cleaning services generally depends on the following factors:

  • the type of service;
  • the technology of cleaning an apartment or cottage;
  • cleaning area;
  • the degree of contamination of the apartment;
  • the urgency of the specialists’ departure.

The more complex the technical means that will be required for the type of cleaning work you have chosen, the more expensive the order will be. However, the professional quality of cleaning fully justifies the money spent, especially if we are talking about houses with children, expensive repairs, high employment of the owners, tight deadlines. You will not need to puzzle over what detergents to buy and how to clean up certain contaminants – just call a cleaning company.