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Hard floors are major choices for residential and commercial sector due to its great look and durability, So regular maintenance is very important to maintain the life and beauty of these floors.

We provide professional hard floor care services including floor buffing, floor scrubbing and floor polishing services throughout Tauranga. Whether you want us to do regular maintenance or one-off clean, we will bring the amazing results and our technicians will provide you right advice and tips to maintain hard floors.

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Scrubbing and Polishing

Strip and Seal of Vinyl floors either at your home, business or any other facility will bring clean, clear and glossy look. We will restore the natural beauty of your property quickly and economically. 

Striping or Scrubbing

It will remove ingrained dirt, build-up wax, yellow coloration, scratches and abrasions. 

Sealing or Polishing

It not only protects the floors from dirt and marks but also provide non-slip glossy surface.


Tiles and Grout Cleaning

The grout between tiles get darker over time because of dirt and grime.  Bathroom floors can breed bacteria, which not only eats the grout but also creates odour.  To restore the original beauty of floors we use latest tile washing technology which eliminate dirt and discoloration.

Grout and tile sealing process can extend the life of the floor and it reduces the chance to get stained.

Seal and Protect Your Grout

Grout and tile sealing process can extend the life of the floor and it reduces the chance to get stained.

The Cleaning Process

STEP 1: A Non-Toxic cleaning solution is applied to the entire floor to loosen dirt, grease and oils etc.

STEP 2: Rinse and extract the dirt, oils and pollutant laden water out of the pores of the grout and tile.

STEP 3: To apply a clear sealer to the floor to protect it from further staining.


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